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"Hi there, i just want to appreciate you all for being proffesional and real in your sales.I had a great experience with Milly Munchkin Kitten. My Rexa arrived on time and is a great new addition to the family. Thank you, Milly Munchkin Kitten!"
John Doe
Hey there I am a 66 year old man, i'd never ordered a kitten/pet off the internet and was very very nervous in doing so. Milly Munchkin Kitten had completed each and everything there site claimed they would and even more i didn't know was included. My kitten was delivered to my front door by Pet Cab, happy, healthy and clearly care for. To date i've only high praise for Milly Munchkin and Pet Cab..
Lucas Gaudiler
My kitten is healthy and very cute. Smart and easy to train. But I spoke to a different person every time I called which was very frustrating. Felt very impersonal. Breeder sent him in a bright pink crate. Ugly and not great for a male kitten
Zacks Griffin
We absolutely love our new Kitten Eli. As a cute kitten she is keeping us on our toes as expected but we are doing all the research to help her grow into the fun loving dog we are already experiencing.
Amanda Wells
We have a beautiful Lab kitten we purchased through Milly munchkin kitten! The only thing I was worried about was the timing of the delivery. Everything finally worked out and we love our new boy!
Ethan Little
Hi,Hope everyone is doing great. Just wanted to tell you what a handsome and sweet boy Charlie is. It will be a year in October since we picked up Charlie from Cristin. He’s always happy, ready to play, and ready to give kisses. He has been the perfect addition to our family and always makes us laugh. His personality and temperament has made these past 10 months amazing. He’s such a smart pup, which made training a breeze. Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect kitten for my family!!!
Sarah Lodinez
Received Our Forever Furbaby on May 30th in perfect health! "Landon" Now Chadwick, is a happy socialized kitten and Our family could not be Happier! We had the BEST experience with Milly Munchkin from Beginning to end and He was registered with several kennel clubs and microchipped! So thankful to all the representatives, breeder and transportation coordinators! I'd definitely refer them to Someone in the Future! Thank you Milly Munchkin!
Godfrey Johnson
Milly Munchkin Kitten was great in helping me with my decision to purchase a new kitten. They gave me the confidence and support I needed that brought us together. My new family member and I are getting along very well. We are having a busy good time getting know each other. Thank you Milly Munchkin. Great job. Keep up the good service.
Duran Kennedy
Very professional, fast responding, great app and overall customer care. Very impressive and made my first kitten purchase online confidently. Thank you very much Milly Munchkin.
Jonas Edward
We love our new addition to our family! Milly Munchkin Kitten did a great job of keeping us updated on the process and informed. We chose to pick up our kitten and that worked so well! Thank you Cris for your assistance in getting us our new kitten! She is perfect and adjusting well!
Kelsa Daniela
Our Kitten was delivered on the date promised. She was is perfect condition and greeted us as if she already knew us and was full of kisses! She’s adorable and we are beyond thrilled to have her!! I took her to her first vet check 3 days after we got her home and she had a perfect checkup. Completely healthy and happy!!
Assiner Morella
We bought a Cute MuninKIN Kitten from you, we named him Chester… Just wanted to let you guys know, he’s turned into a handsome young man, and gets along tremendously with Daisy, our 200 pound mastiff female. They are inseparable and could not be better friends. Thanks so much
Dora Lapendez
Milly Munchin kitten made this process absolutely wonderful. They kept me informed throughout the entire process, even when there were issues. The customer service people were always very kind and patient with me, even when I pelted them with multiple questions. The hardest part was waiting for her to arrive. Transportation was arranged and I was included in every step of the process. When she did arrive, they brought her right to my door, earlier than quoted. We absolutely love her, especially my kids, and are so grateful for this website. She is now a beloved family member.
Landona Melissa
I think you are awfully expensive. My experience was very good though. I am very please with my Kitten.Thanks again Milly Munchkin Kitten for honest service
Lariss Cardiny
I had to write to let you know that Ava is just wonderful. She is so smart and absolutely beautiful. She is a perfect fit for us and gets along great with our other dog. People stop me to look at her. She is growing fast and we are enjoying everyday with her. Thank you so much!
The Gleason Family
Hi Cris, Madchen has been a great addition to our family. She has a great personality. She LOVES swimming and walking in the woods. She babysits the grandkids and they love her. Thanks for allowing us to get her.
Regina Barnas