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We are delighted to choose and bring your new kittens to you and help them get accustomed to a new family. We are also glad to advise our customers on all matters.

Our Happy Clients!

"Ragan is the most wonderful addition to my family! he is smart playful and very curious about the world around him. He is getting along with his sister Lola the cat and she has realized that he isn't so bad. He has yet to meet a stranger. He love to carry his favorite toy while we walk.
Melissa D. Reeves
Little Rock, MN
"I can't praise Royal Maine Coon Kittens Home enough. The process was smooth, and the staff truly cares about the placement of their kittens. Merlin has been an absolute treasure!"
Jerry M. Blair
Rocky Mount, NC
"From the first inquiry to bringing our kitten home, the team at Royal Maine Coon Kittens Home was supportive and informative. They genuinely love their cats, and it shows!"
Andrew C. Talbert
Denver, CO
"Amazing experience! Our Maine Coon, Jasper, is not just stunningly beautiful but also incredibly intelligent and affectionate. Thank you for raising such wonderful companions."
Daniel M. Lawson
Nashville, TN
"Royal Maine Coon Kittens Home goes above and beyond. The health, social skills, and overall quality of their kittens are outstanding. We're so in love with our little fur baby!"
Natalie T. Cowling
Richmond, VA
"If you're looking for a Maine Coon, look no further. The dedication to their kittens' health and happiness is evident in every aspect of Royal Maine Coon Kittens Home."
Ilse R. Lawlor
Adelphi, DC
"We absolutely love our mainecoon kitten, she loves to cuddle, potty training has been pretty good. My experience with Royal mainecoon kittens home was good overall. I would have to say more communication in the beginning would be good. We are very happy and would recommend this website."
Bethany N. Gould
Pittston, PA
I am very very pleased with my new kitten Kimber is a joy to have she fully of energy my grandson just adores her they both are full of energy together Tilly loves to play with my grandson all the time and when I come home from work she’s right there at the door to greet me i just love my little Tilly
Rhonda K. Lambert
Corpus Christi, TX
Thank you Royal mainecoon kittens home for helping me get my perfect kitten. I was a little skeptical at first but the staff was always available to answer any of my questions. Misa has brought me much happiness. I love her beyond words. Thank you again.
Thelma W. Dupree
Golden Valley, MN
"We were impressed by the extensive knowledge and care demonstrated by everyone at Royal Maine Coon Kittens Home. Our kitten is not only gorgeous but also so well-behaved and loving."
Bethany N. Gould
Pittston, PA
"Thank you, Royal Maine Coon Kittens Home, for our adorable and healthy Maine Coon. The entire process was seamless, and it's clear that the kittens' best interests are always at heart."
Rhonda K. Lambert
Corpus Christi, TX
"Our experience with Royal Maine Coon Kittens Home was nothing short of fantastic. The love and attention they give to their kittens are evident in our sweet and sociable Mika."
Thelma W. Dupree
Golden Valley, MN